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In flooring contractors includes, tremix flooring, poly urethane flooring, industrial concrete flooring, epoxy flooring, stamped concrete, paver flooring.

Tremix Flooring:-

Flooring Contractors

Tremix – due to less water cement ratio , maintains a high abrasion resistance. With the help of surface vibrator, floater an even & uniform leveled surface is created; thereby saving cost of extra floor finish. Most suitable for factory floors, industrial roads etc. We are one of the Flooring Contractors in India.

Poly Urethane Flooring :-

pu-flooringA seamless floor,100% solid, self leveled, smooth finished having excellent appearance, having high resistance to any type of chemical, most suitable for the floors that requires high level of cleanliness.
Quick and easy installation, super flat surface profile, suitable for air castor movement, solvent free, non shrinking, scratch resistant, etc. Flooring contractors work we done. We are one of the Poly urethane flooring contractors in India.

Industrial Concrete Flooring :

industrial-concrete-flooringConcrete floors are less prone to defects like rutting, cracking, loss of texture and pot holes. They have long life and low maintenance cost, requires less expenditure on street lighting (due to surface reflection). A concrete road has high fuel saving, high traffic speed, etc. We are one of the Industrial Concrete flooring contractors in India.


Epoxy Flooring :-

epoxy-flooringEpoxies are highly adhesive and have high chemical properties in addition to resistance to heat, moisture alkalis, salts, solvents and mild acids, high abrasion resistance. The flooring can be made seamless, dust free, hygiene and non flip surface and are available in the variety of colors. High early strength and thus the floor can be used quickly. Most suitable for pharmaceutical/automobile/ food/mechanical industries and hospitals.

Stamped Concrete :-

stamped-concreteThe concrete with a stamp of required design. An ideal choice for all the surfacing needs with incredible look and surface finish; a 3 to 10 mm deep stamped floor with multi color, versatile design with no visible joints, with high abrasion resistance and long durable floor; Most suitable for parking, drive way, patio, pool side, Garden Walk Ways etc.

Paver Flooring Contractors:-

paverPavers are alternate to the Concrete roads and are precast. Interlocking blocks are available in different shapes, size, color & texture; that can be laid on well compacted surface within the shortest time; thereby saving curing time of the concrete surface. Easy to maintain and can be design for various load bearing capacity. We are one of the paver flooring contractors in India.

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