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trimix flooringGubbi Civil Engineers is specialized professionals offering high quality solutions in Tremix flooring with under expertise team. Having more than 25 years of experience in flooring contractors. We are specialize in Flooring contractors which includes tremix flooring, epoxy flooring, Poly urethane flooring, Stamped concrete flooring, paver block flooring. Trimix flooring due to less water cement ratio , maintains a high abrasion resistance. With the help of surface vibrator or double beam screed vibrator, floater cum trowel machine, vacuum de-watering pump an even & uniform leveled surface is created; thereby saving cost of extra floor finish. Most suitable for factory floors,warehouse, industrial roads etc. Tremix flooring is a special type of flooring mostly being done in the industrial sector, industrial roads, pathway, industrial floor, warehouses, factory etc. It is generally used for industrial purpose, where rigid surface necessary for machine foundation, light load carrier vehicle and light weight cranes. Excellent results in terms for trimix flooring finish, abrasion resistance, strength, impact resistance and smoothness. Three steps  found in Trimix flooring such as vibrating, de – watering, floating cum troweling. In trimix flooring can do as per site requisites.

Application of Trimix flooring

  • Industrial floor
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Warehouses
  • Garrage
  • Industrial roads
  • Work shops
  • Store room

Procedure of Trimix flooring

  • Surface where concrete is to be laid shall be hacked, thoroughly cleaned made free from dust, grease, loose material and wetted to have just moist surface.
  • Trimix has to be done in panel and each panel and appropriate reinforcement bar shall be laid in layer of two or one keeping the concrete cover it may differ as per standard.
  • Vacuum de- watering machines are very much useful in trimix flooring, which removes water which is excess from the top layer of wet concrete without removing the cement of sand particles.
  • After concerting, ramming or vibrating with double beam screed vibrator, and levelling first round troweling, when the concrete is fresh. In this process increase the strength of the concrete as well as increase abrasion resistance of the floor, also used hardener to increase abrasion resistance of floor.
  • Using floater machine at the time of finishing the floor surface & avoid shrinkage cracks.

Features of Tremix flooring

  • Dust Proof & clean
  • Increase abrasion resistance of floor
  • Sealed
  • High wear resistance.
  • Heavy duty performance floor.
  • Good resistance
  • Increase life of the concrete of Tremix flooring
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