Repair and rehabilitation of structures Repair and rehabilitation of structures of Carbon FRP “Laminates” are used to strengthen existing RCC, wood or masonry members, structurally. Repair and rehabilitation of structures in Carbon Laminates are used to correct a structural defect in structural members. Likewise, if the structure has deteriorated over time we can use CFRP Laminates to strengthen it. Another case in which we can use this technique is, when any particular structure needs change in  its use, Carbon FRP Laminates can be used to optimize its load carrying capacity. Carbon FRP Laminates give best results in overhead applications where sufficient development lengths can be achieved. These externally bonded laminates are similar to the steel plate bonding, but these are much lighter in weight than steel plates, hence they give increased strength to the structure without adding any additional dead weight to it.

Another advantage of using carbon FRP plates for repair and rehabilitation of structures is that they don’t corrode/rust so they don’t need any maintenance. Repair is the technical aspect of rehabilitation. Refers to modification of a structure partly or wholly which is damaged in appearance or serviceability. The repair of cracked or damaged structure is discussed under two distinct categories, namely, ordinary or conventional procedures; and special procedures using the latest techniques and newer materials such as polymers, epoxy resins etc. Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures involves the upgrading or changing of a building’s foundation. The success of Repair and rehabilitation of structures activity depends on the identification of the root cause of the deterioration of the concrete structures.


  • To increase strength
  • To improve functional performance
  • To improve durability
  • To improve appearance of concrete surface
  • Easy to use and install

The objective of any repair should be to produce rehabilitation – which means a repair carried out relatively low cost, with a limited and predictable degree of change with time and without premature deterioration and/or distress throughout its intended life and purpose. The first step in the repair to be carried out is the removal of the damaged concrete. It is very important to select a method most appropriate for the specific in-situ condition.

Repair and rehabilitation of structures includes rehabilitation work, structural rehabilitation, structural repairs, structural retrofits, corrosion repairs, prestressed concrete beams.


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