pu-waterproofing-contractorsWe are one of the leading PU waterproofing contractors in India. PU Waterproofing or polyurethane waterproofing this is a chemical waterproofing method , wherein 2 coats of chemical are applied with /without a sandwich layer of geo-textile cloth and this membrane is protected by polymer, cement sand mortar screed. It provides excellent bonding to the walls, roofs and water tanks. It is modern technology process. Waterproofing of concrete roofs has always been a great challenge to engineers and specifiers. With the increased complexity of structural movements, growing concern for leakages in the concrete structures has carved the needs for diverse waterproofing systems since ages. PU waterproofing is very economical, affordable and cost effective process. Polyurethane is a rather popular choice due to its ease of installation. Polyurethane liquid roofing membranes are the professional, durable, waterproofing solution. We are expert in resolving all types of Waterproofing solution like leakage solution, terrace leakage solution, crack solution, waterproofing solutions for terrace.

Procedure or Process of PU waterproofing contractors

  • Preparation of Concrete Surface – The roof surface is thoroughly cleaned, any cracks on the surface preparation bed is cut to V section, cleaned and filled.

  • Primer Coat Application – A two pack polyurethane primer coat is first applied to the surface to serve as an adhesion coat.  

  • Finishing Coat of PU Waterproofing on Concrete – 2 component polyurethane mixed as per design ratio. The PU coating should be continued up the parapets/walls for a minimum of 150 mm over the finished roof surface. The final Polyurethane coat is sprinkled with a layer of 300 micron of sand.

Advantages of PU waterproofing contractors

  • Economical
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Wear resistant
  • UV & weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Anti-Root Properties
  • Water Resistant

Areas Of Application of PU Waterproofing Contractors

  • Terrace Gardens
  • Foundations, basements & lift pits
  • Sewage Works & Sunken portions
  • Sunk portion of bathrooms, toilets, balconies, etc.

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