Commercial Projects

We have delivered many prestigious commercial projects across India. Our services include commercial complex, commercial building, Commercial Tower. We believe that our customers deserve the best & excellent service from us. Our main motto is customer satisfaction. We are one of the leading Contractors in India, which offer repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures services.

Repair and Rehabilitation

Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures cause found such as  corrosion of reinforcement may trigger off cracking and spalling of concrete. Concrete may suffer damage during its life period due to a number of reasons. Distress causes in Repair and rehabilitation of corrosion, Dying Shrinkage, thermal stresses, Chemical reactions etc.The Repair and Rehabilitation of concrete structures include, Inspection methods, assessment, monitoring of reinforced concrete corrosion, maintenance of structures, Concrete durability, analysis, General repairs, Seismic strengthening. Structure repair and rehabilitating is process whereby an existing structure is enhanced to increase the probability that the structure will survive for a long period of time and also against earthquake forces. In the rehabilitation of concrete structures, the cracks are generated due to different causes e.g. in some cases cracks are caused after the structure has been completed for a few years which results in shortening of life and strength of structure. The main criteria is how to repair a reinforced concrete elements of structures and for this required the knowledge, skills, experience & expertise.  Damaged repair of structures are decidedly different from those required to build new structures. We have research and development teams to justify the latest techniques & find out solution in repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures.