Injection Grouting or Epoxy Injection

injection groutingInjection grouting or Epoxy injection consists of a base component containing solvent free epoxy resin plus a low viscosity liquid hardener. Epoxy injection grouting may be placed by free flow under gravity or may be injected using a suitable hand or mechanical pump. Grouting of gap dimensions 0.1 mm to 10 mm may be easily achieved. The systems give rapid strength gain obtaining mechanical properties, several times those of high quality concrete. The hardened grout is resistant to most chemicals, stable to sea water, petroleum product and resists freeze- thaw cycle.


Injection GroutingInjection grouting and epoxy injection is a process of filling the cracks or honeycombs in concrete for repairing of cracks. Various types of grouts used for repair and strengthening of concrete and masonry structural members. We are providing Injection Grouting Service. Injection grouting is used to fill in gaps, joints, cracks, and annular spaces and  between old piping and new pipe. It is used in conjunction with repair methods to fill gaps and voids. In existing RCC surface weak area and honey combs should be checked to fix Nozzles. Cracks in concrete are filled by injecting a low viscosity epoxy resin into the crack. Not only is the crack sealed, but structural strength is achieved as the epoxy resin is much stronger than the original concrete. Repair and strengthening of existing masonry buildings by grouting is a viable means to provide durable and safe structures. Application area is column and pillar, water tank, Retaining walls, swimming pool, walls etc. Surface breaking cracks and mortar joint must be sealed prior to injection to prevent grout leakage at the surface. We are specialized in injection grouting with technique that requires extensive knowledge and experience under expertise with research and development. The main cause of epoxy injection is stopping water leakage, filling cracks, honeycombs in concrete, delaminated concrete, wood and masonry.

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