Structural Retrofitting - An Ideal Step to Safeguard Dilapidated Construction

Retrofitting of Structures

Dilapidated buildings and old structures are unsafe, which is why they require constant maintenance and repair work. Rehabilitation of structures helps to not only fix but also strengthen the damaged and old constructions. Structural retrofitting can be a step towards installing strength and maintaining the longevity of buildings

The Retrofitting of structure prevents and improves resistance from earthquakes, seismic force failure and any probable environmental dangers. Structural retrofitting is required if there is an increase in the applied loads, designing errors and mistakes making it unfit, corrosive slabs and beams, retrofitting beams, cracks in concrete or more settlements than the holding capacity of the building.

How does the process of Structural Retrofitting help?

  • Structural retrofitting is a method of strengthening a building from its structural frame and adapting to all codal provisions during the repair period as per requirements
  • Overall retrofitting of structure helps in slab strengthening, beam strengthening, retrofitting beams and other areas of concern and damage.
  • Slab strengthening and beam strengthening can help fix repairs to strengthen the building right to the core. Slab strengthening and beam strengthening can go a long way in maintaining the building and increasing the lifespan.

What does Retrofitting include?

Before initiating the process, it is necessary to study and investigate the damages/cracks. Once the damages are known, the application of suitable and beneficial methods becomes easy. The retrofitting of structure involves repair, retrofit, renovation and reconstruction.

What makes Retrofitting of Structures crucial?

Retrofitting of structure is a preventative measure taken to ensure public safety by considering all its levels/floors and checking the economic favourability of materials and methods used.

For retrofitting of structure to be a success, it must address the performance challenges in the structure. The process must be an economical affair and must have a minimal intervention.

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