The Importance of Structural Repairs

Structural Repairs

What is the meaning of Structural Repairs?

Structural Repairs refers to the process of fixing or restoring the structural integrity of a building or any infrastructure. Such repairs are necessary when the damage or deterioration of structures happens and it affects the stability or load-bearing capacity of the structure.

Buildings tend to wear and tear due to various external and internal forces. To ensure safety and stability, building repairs and maintenance become crucial. Time-to-time maintenance and checks for any structural repair is a good habit. The maintenance repair and rehabilitation of structures include fixing of damages and modification either partially or wholly.

The process of rehabilitation and repair of structures starts when any components that hold the stability of the construction, either internal or external, are damaged or get weak. A damaged or deteriorated building requires immediate assistance. A structural repair increases the lifespan of the structure and prevents it from collapsing. When structural repairs are delayed or ignored, they may result in higher maintenance costs.

What We do at Gubbi Civil Engineers?

The specific methods and materials used for structural repairs depend on the nature and extent of the damage. Gubbi Civil Engineers undertake projects that require structural repairs, rehabilitation of RCC and other structures and provide services to repair the crack in walls.

When it comes to repairs and rehabilitation of structures, it requires experience in skillful engineering, and that is what you will find at Gubbi Civil Engineers. We work on building repairs and structural rehabilitation only after thorough knowledge and a clear understanding of the structure’s behaviour. Building repairs, cracks in a wall and other structure rehabilitation require continuous maintenance and examination.

Repair and Rehabilitation of Structural services by Gubbi

Structural repairs and rehabilitation help to bring changes and maintaining the building as per safety standards.

Our maintenance repair and rehabilitation of structures services include Carbon Fibre Wrapping, Glass Fibre Wrapping, Carbon Laminates, Spray Polymer, Thixotropic Polymer Mortar, Micro Concrete Jacketing, normal Concrete Jacketing, Epoxy Injection and Epoxy Mortar. We at Gubbi Civil Engineers provide all types of services ranging from structural repairs and rehabilitation, wall crack repair services, fixing cracks in concrete, building repairs and maintenance services, and many more. In-depth research and dedication on every project have helped us in completing them successfully.

column jacketingColumn Jacketing is a technique used to increase the strength of existing structural members (e.g. Columns, Beams, etc.). Column Jacketing is a method of structural retrofitting and strengthening. It is used to increase the bearing load capacity. Beam Jacketing is the process of strengthening weak RCC columns that have deteriorated over time due to adverse atmospheric conditions or due to poor repair and maintenance of structures. One of the most commonly used methods of retrofitting is Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Jacketing. Steel jacketing and metal jacketing are also effective methods to increase basic strength capacity. 

At Gubbi Civil Engineers, we have a team of expert civil engineers and technicians trained and experienced in repairs and rehabilitation of structures and building repairs with more than 30 years.


Refer below the Structure Repairs Services provided by us:

Spray Polymer CoatingSpray Polymer Coating has completely changed how coatings are applied in a variety of industries. They provide effective and reliable ways to improve the performance and longevity of the structures.

Carbon Fiber WrappingRehabilitation of structural repairs in Carbon Fiber Wrapping improves the Load Carrying Capacity of structural members. Column Jacketing is the process whereby a section of an existing structural member is restored to its original dimensions or increased in size by encasement using suitable materials.

Glass Fiber WrappingGlass Fiber Wrapping is a method of reinforcing and protecting structures by applying layers of glass fiber fabric or mat saturated with resin. It provides high-strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant solutions for various industrial applications.

Carbon LaminateIn the repair and rehabilitation of structures, Carbon Laminates are known to be resistant to water and chemicals. Carbon Laminate and Carbon Fiber together help in adding strength and durability to the structures.

Micro Concrete JacketingAs the name suggests jacketing is the process in which additional materials are added to structural components to increase their strength and durability. Micro Concrete Jacketing is particularly used for the repair of deteriorated columns, piers, and piles and may easily be employed in underwater applications. RCC Jacketing improves axial and shear strength of columns and a major strengthening of the foundation may be avoided.

Polymer Modified MortarPolymer Modified Mortar has several advantages over traditional mortar mixes, which makes it a popular choice in many structural repairs and maintenance applications, where improved performance and durability are essential.

Epoxy MortarEpoxy Mortar is a type of mortar that is made by combining epoxy resin with a filler material, such as sand or powdered stone. It is used for bonding and repairing concrete, masonry, and other building structures.

Sacrificial AnodeSacrificial Anode is one of the most proven and established methods of fighting corrosion to enhance the strength and life of reinforcement structures.

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