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Epoxy Coating

Epoxies are highly adhesive and has high chemical properties in addition to resistance to heat, moisture alkalis, salt, solvents and mild acids. This makes epoxy to be a protective coating to resist crude oil, refined petroleum products, etc. These coating is widely used in heavy power plants, refineries, petrochemical units , gas plants, fertilizer and chemical plants, etc.

An epoxy coating is a type of coating prepared by combining two distinctive epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. Epoxy coating is a known durable rigid plastic coating that possesses various beneficial mechanical properties.The mechanical properties of epoxy floor coating include durability, hardness, impactful resistance to erosion and chemicals.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating has high demand in the industrial sector and is used widely in heavy power plants, refineries, petrochemical units, gas plants, fertilizer and chemical plants, etc.

The epoxy coating includes various layers such as the priming layer phase, the body coat layer phase, and the top-coat layer phase.

Benefits Epoxy Floor Coating

  • An epoxy floor has proved to be a thicker and durable type of floor than any other floor with only coats of paints.
  • An epoxy coating makes a floor visually appealing by giving it a shine and sparkling finish. The polished effect achieved with epoxy floor coating makes it easy to clean and maintain the sheen for a long time.
  • An epoxy floor durability property is what makes it a popular form of floor coating. The chemical materials used in epoxy floor coating make them the perfect solution for the process that includes heavy lifting or those that are potentially intensive.

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