Carbon Laminate - A Durable Solution for Structural Repairs

Carbon Laminate

Carbon Laminate has the property of being extremely stiff and strong because the woven layers of pure carbon fiber are bonded together by hardened plastic.

In the repair and rehabilitation of structures, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Laminates is an effective material to strengthen existing reinforced concrete wood or masonry members structurally.

If there is a faulty or a defect in the structural components, carbon laminate comes in handy in the overall structural strengthening.

Carbon Laminates are known to be resistant to water and chemicals. Carbon Laminate and Carbon fiber together help add strength and durability to the structure.

Over the years, if the structure is damaged or depreciated, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Laminates add the necessary strength. Carbon fiber laminates are a convenient repair option when the building’s loading capacity undergoes structural pattern changes or there is a need for Seismic retrofitting.

The carbon fiber laminate is similar but lighter in weight than steel plates. Adding carbon laminates to the repair process brings strength to the structure without putting any additional dead weight or increasing the size of the member.

CFRP laminates are known to be corrosive resistant which, makes the structure durable against damage and deterioration.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Laminates

  • They reinforce and make the structure stronger.
  • Carbon fiber laminates are a shield to the structure against seismic activity. The seismic retrofitting reduces the risk to vulnerable and weak buildings. Seismic retrofitting of buildings is the best way to ensure the safety of the occupants and assets against endangered activities.
  • Carbon laminates are easy to install and use.
  • To improve the appearance of concrete surfaces.
  • Carbon fiber laminates certify the durability of the structure and also enhance its appearance.
  • Carbon laminates tend to boost the functional performance of the structure.

Any structural repairs and structural rehabilitation project should be of top quality and also light on the pocket (low-cost). There should be a limited and predictable degree of changes with time and protection from premature deterioration throughout the structure’s course and life.

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