Polymer Modified Mortar Contractors

Polymer Modified Mortar

Where concrete structures have deteriorated due to corrosion and where changes in use and/or design code do not demand an increase in loading capacity, efficient repairing of concrete structures can be done by application of POLYMER MODIFIED MORTARS. Structural repairs include Polymer modified mortar method.

Polymer Modified Mortar 2The buildings were originally constructed with concrete mix (1 cement: 1.5 sand: 3 coarse aggregates) with a minimum strength requirement of 20 N/mm2 min., so it was decided that the polymer modified repair mortar must have a compressive strength of 25 N/mm2. Based on the polymer test reports, the concrete mix are used in the construction of these buildings, and the extent of damage. We, Gubbi Civil Engineers are the leading Polymer Modified Mortar Contractor in the Indian industry. Trust our expertise with the professionals leading the industry since 30 years.

Retrofitting Of Buildings

Retrofitting of Buildings

In the old buildings, there are not enough non-ductile columns and they are spaced too far apart typically about 16 inches apart. The wrapping confines the columns, making them stronger and more ductile. That means the structure can tolerate more movement.

Some of the most common problems faced in retrofitting include air leakage, rising dampness, under ventilation, and overheating. Many buildings are still evaluated and retrofitted using relatively simple force-based methods.

Seismic Retrofitting or retrofitting of buildings is a suitable technology for the protection of a variety of structures. Optimization techniques are needed to know the most efficient retrofit for a particular structure. The existing walls of a building are added certain thickness by adding bricks, concrete, and steel. existing structures to be retrofitted may differ from those assumed when the structure was first designed and built, due to various factors at the construction stage as well as load action and environmental action during use.

When Retrofitting of Buildings for existing structures is being studied, performance items specified as performance requirements shall be examined to verify whether or not the structure has the required performance at the time of the study.

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