Anti Carbonation Coating

Anti – Carbonation Coating is a shield to concrete against carbonation.

Anti Carbonation Coating Contractors

Anti-Carbonation coating is known to protect concrete and masonry structures with high exposure to carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chloride irons, etc.

It is a single component, high-performance acrylic resin-based coating that safeguards the wear and tear of the structure against corrosive materials for the long term.

Anti-carbonation coating is critical in maintaining the structural integrity of both new and existing structures.

Anti-carbonation coating makes a structure visually attractive and reduces the cost of maintenance and repair throughout its lifespan.

Anti-carbonation coating for concrete floor is essential, but considering other structural components exposed to concrete such as beams, columns, slab, and restraining RCC walls also require anti-carbonation coating.

Bridges and flyovers, overhead tanks, industrial building and power plants use anti-carbonation coating technique for protection.

Advantages of Anti-Carbonation Coating

  • The anti-carbonation coating is known to be an extremely durable and stable form of protection.
  • Anti-carbonation coating is capable of allowing moisture inside the concrete to respire out.
  • The process of anti-carbonation coating has the flexibility to deal with minor cracks that form in concrete.

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