Glass Fiber Wrapping - A Perfect Solution for Structural Repairs and Strengthening

Glass Fiber Wrapping

Glass Fiber Wrapping is considered the go-to solution for structural repairs when concrete loses its capacity or design strength resulting in corrosion. Corrosion can be a factor caused due changes in the usage of the structure or demand for change in design to adhere to load-carrying capacity.

Glass fiber wrapping is known to be a helpful process for the rehabilitation and retrofitting of structures and structural strengthening. Glass fiber is cheaper and marginally less brittle than carbon fiber when used in structural repairs.

Advantages Of Glass Fibre Wrapping

  • Glass Fiber with multiple layers becomes ductile and aids in strengthening the rehabilitation and retrofitting of structures.
  • They are cheaper and marginally less brittle than carbon fiber when used in structural composites.
  • For the retrofitting of structures against seismic activity, Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer or GFRP wrap acts as a shield.
  • Glass fiber is lightweight and is available at the required length. Glass FRP wrapped concrete columns have the power of resistance against any chemical or factors that cause weathering.
  • The Glass fiber reinforced polymer bonds between concrete and wrapping material it can significantly enhance the strength and become highly adaptable to concrete.
  • The fiber also ensures an increase in the flexural & shear strength of structural members, hence causing no disturbance to other structural members like columns, beams, walls, floor decking, and roof decking.
  • Glass fiber is an excellent agent of structural strengthening as it increases tensile strength and impact resistance.
  • Such fibers are easy to adjust and fit existing components in a way that ensures structural strengthening.

We, at Gubbi Civil Engineers, guarantee that our rehabilitation and retrofitting of structure projects use top quality glass fiber, which goes a long way in structural strengthening, structural conditioning, prevention from corrosion, and ensuring low maintenance cost.

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