Cement Grouting - The Ideal Crack Repair Agent

Cement Grouting

The cement grouting process involves cement injection under a certain amount of pressure to fill fractures and voids formed in concrete structures.

The simple form of cement grouting helps fill the gaps, increase the strength & impermeability capacity of the RC member and reduce the porosity of honeycomb members. Pressured cement grouting involves injecting a grouting material – an admixture of cement and water and an non shrink material, into an inaccessible but interconnected pore or void space of the concrete structure.

Another use of cement grouting is to correct the construction faults in concrete and masonry structures.

Cement grouting has applied usage in several structural works including, bridges, marine applications, dams, and rock anchors.

Advantages of Cement Grouting

  • Cement grouting has an economic advantage over other forms of grouting methods.
  • It can be performed even in areas with space constraints and difficult access.
  • Cement grouting is effective and is easily adaptable to the existing foundation of structures.
  • It doesn’t disrupt or cause inconvenience to the normal operations of the building.
  • Cement grouting acts as a barricade to the flowing groundwater.
  • It is a successful application for underpinning foundation.
  • Cement grouting is said to provide excavation support.
  • The method of cement grouting initiates the stabilization and strengthening of granular soils.
  • This type of grouting is the best method to fill underground voids.
  • Cement grouting pressured into rock fractures improves the stability of the rock formation.
  • This method provides pre-construction site improvement and arrests foundation settlements.
    In the case of rocking slabs in warehouses or fixing and repair fractures in machine bases, cement grouting is an effective method.
  • This technique also allows the rectification of issues related to sinks.
  • This method is favourable for lifting and levelling slabs and in supporting settlements on soft grounded granular soils.

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