Epoxy Mortar Contractors

Epoxy Mortar

A three-component, water-washable 100% solids epoxy mortar system for installations where exceptional high-strength and chemical and impact resistance are required. The 100% solids epoxy system’s unique formula produces a mortar with greater bond and compressive strengths and improved chemical resistance over conventional cement or emulsion-based setting systems. Use for epoxy mortar patching and overlays on interior, and horizontal substrates.

Epoxy-based mortar is a mixture of materials such as epoxy resins, solvents, binders, mineral fillers, and some additives in certain measurements depending on the desired properties after curing. It is used as an adhesive and mortar for structural repairs of damaged, dished, or dangerous concrete and floors.

Epoxy-Based mortar has Thixotropic properties and other qualities such as:

  • High strength and hardness after curing
  • Provides good adhesion to construction material
  • They are easy to mix and apply; they also cure faster, even in dump surroundings (synthetic resin), and are Heavy traffic friendly.
  • They have improved fluid permeability resistance; it is also stain-resistant
  • They have improved abrasion, impact, and chemical resistance
  • Easy all-in-one packaging
  • Provides a range of color mix
  • Does not shrink or crack

Epoxy Mortar Uses

  • Damaged concrete repairs
  • Concrete floors
  • Floors
  • Damaged bay edges
  • Broken steps
  • Filling holes and gaps

Civil Contractors or Civil Engineering Contractors

Gubbi Civil Engineers is one of India’s leading Civil Contractors and civil engineering contractors in India. Basically, we are Civil Contractors, we do all types of civil construction work, structural repairs and maintenance work, waterproofing work, grouting,  etc. Our Civil engineering contractors from our Civil Construction company provide expert services in the civil industries field.

We are experienced Residential, industrial, Commercial, and Reputed contractors, with more than 30 years in business. Building repairs and maintenance services mainly include works undertaken for maintaining the proper condition of the building or constructing new facilities for existing structures such as structural repairs and waterproofing. We offer complete turnkey solutions in the construction and removal of commercial, residential, and industrial spaces.

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