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Rehabilitation of Structures

Repair is the technical aspect of rehabilitation. It refers to the modification of a structure, partly or wholly which is damaged in appearance or serviceability. Repair and rehabilitation of existing damaged concrete structures have emerged as one of the most important construction activity. Structural rehabilitation involves the upgrading or changing of building’s foundation. Rehabilitation of Structures & repair has become a major part of the construction industry. Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures work execution & Health monitoring of deteriorated structures. It structures involve removal of rust, damaged plaster and Concrete, anti corrosion coating, polymer coating, polymer modified mortar, repair of masonry cracks, grouting, column jacketing, repair RCC cracks.

Advantages of Rehabilitation of Structures

  • Remove all cracked and loose concrete.
  • Support the structural members properly as required
  • Apply protective coatings over the repaired surface.
  • Improve structural strengthening
  • Increase the performance of structure
  • Improves the life of structure
  • Better appearance and aesthetically appealing