Spray Polymer Coating

Spray Polymer Coating

Spray Polymer Coating​ is a structural repairs technique that is a ready-to-use sprayable – cement based repair mortar, giving high early strength, reduced rebound and allowing for thickness up to 150mm in one go. This polymer based mortar is to be pressure sprayed, with the addition of the required amount of water and no in-situ addition of any other material. The repair work is speedy and the set mortar attains strength up to 40N/mm² in 28 Days.

Spray Polymer Coating​ Uses

Here is a list of common uses for spray polymer coatings:

  • Protects machinery from corrosion and abrasion.
  • Prevention from corrosion on bridges and offshore platforms.
  • Shields pipes and treatment facilities from corrosion.
  • Provides waterproofing and extends the life of roofs.
  • Creates durable, chemical-resistant industrial and commercial flooring.
  • Enhances and protects building exteriors.
  • Resists corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.
  • Seals basements, tunnels, and underground structures.
  • Prevents leaks in storage areas.
  • Enhances surfaces with various colors and finishes.
  • Delays the spread of fires in buildings and industrial facilities.

Rehabilitation of Structures

Retrofitting of Structures

Repair is the technical aspect of rehabilitation. It refers to the modification of a structure, partly or wholly which is damaged in appearance or serviceability. Repair and rehabilitation of existing damaged concrete structures have emerged as one of the most important construction activities. Structural rehabilitation involves the upgrading or changing of a building’s foundation. Rehabilitation of Structures and repair has become a major part of the construction industry.

Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures work execution and Health monitoring of deteriorated structures. Its structures involve the removal of rust, damaged plaster and Concrete, anti-corrosion coating, polymer coating, polymer modified mortar, repair of masonry cracks, grouting, column jacketing, and repair of RCC cracks.

Advantages of Rehabilitation of Structures

  • Remove all cracked and loose concrete.
  • Support the structural members properly as required
  • Apply protective coatings over the repaired surface.
  • Improve structural strengthening
  • Increase the performance of structure
  • Improves the life of structure
  • Better appearance and aesthetically appealing

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