Gubbi Civil Engineers one of the trusted & oldest companies in the field of Painting, repairing works & Building Painting Contractors. We are painting contractors in Mumbai & offer services in all over India. We offer services of painting, which includes building, industrial & residential, texture painting. Painting contractors specialized in industrial, exterior, commercial etc. by providing expert services with a proven process.  Painting contractors  services are provided under the supervisor & expertise. We are one of the leading Building Painting Contractors in across India.

Elastomeric Coating :-

painting contractorsElastomeric coating is a single component acrylic co-polymer. The coating on application form a film to protect the surface against the atmospheric agents such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chloride irons, etc The film can withstand up to 200% elongation thereby bridging cracks in the structure due to temperature variation etc. They are available in variety of colors and are highly durable. We are elastomeric painting contractors.

Texo-Elastomeric Coating :-

texture-elastomericThis is a waterproof texture coating ,applied on external façade, followed by application of Elastomeric waterproofing coating.This coating is highly used for structures where patch plaster is done,and to give a complete new aethetical look,texture is applied ,and coating of desired shade and color. Advantage of covering the irregular and dissimilar textured plaster.

Poly Urethane Coating :-

poly-urethane-coatingThis is two component air drying aliphatic polyurethane based coating having highly volatile solvent used generally for surface where high abrasion resistance is required. It has glossy finish and is designed to be used as finishing coat in epoxy polyurethane system. It has high UV value, high workability, resistance to almost all types of chemicals, resistance to water and saline atmosphere and is, highly durable. Available in various colors and low maintenance cost. We are poly urethane painting contractors.

Epoxy Coating :-

epoxy-coatingEpoxies are highly adhesive and has high chemical properties in addition to resistance to heat, moisture alkalis, salt, solvents and mild acids. This makes epoxy to be a protective coating to resist crude oil, refined petroleum products, etc. These coating is widely used in heavy power plants, refineries, petrochemical units , gas plants, fertilizer and chemical plants, etc. Epoxy coating is comes under Painting contractors.

Anti Carbonation Coating :-

anti-carbonation-coatingSingle component, high performance acrylic resin based coating is used for long term protection of the exposed concrete and masonry structures against carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chloride irons, etc.
The coating is essential for bridges and flyovers, overhead tanks, industrial building and power plants. We offer services of painting contractors which includes anti carbonation coating.

Heat Reflective Coating :-

heat-reflective-coatingAs a contribution to fight against the global warming and to project the era of global building, we explore the possibilities of energy saving and using minimum natural resources. This heat reflective paints; reflects up to 60% of the heat load thereby reducing surface temperature. The painted surface dries to tightly packed layers of hard micro spheres to form thermally efficient barriers. We are heat reflective painting contractors in India.

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