Industrial Project

Good building repairs and maintenance is an essential element to protect the asset value of a property or site. We have delivered many prestigious Industrial Projects across India.

We undertake a variety of projects from clients such as industrial projects, residential apartment, small as well as large projects, chimney, Industry.   Last 25 years we are in Industry. Our main moto is to achieve customer satisfaction. We are in expertise in civil engineering profession. We are one of the Building Repair Contractors across India.

Building repairs and maintenance services includes for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. Maintenance is generally defined as the work that is done on a regular basis to keep your building in good working condition. Building maintenance is the key for the prevention of building defects. Gubbi Civil Engineers can take care of all your building repairs and maintenance. We specialize in Building repairing services, we have expertise & research & development team  in this area. We have done all successful projects in India under the supervision of expertise & engineers team. Our personnel have wide ranging experience in building repairs and maintenance. We are leading Building Repair Contractors across India.

We handle all types of repairing issues. Whether it’s planned or reactive repairs.

Advantages of Building repair

  • Increase life of Buildings
  • Prevent Building defect
  • A regular and preventive maintenance and prompt care for minor repairs will prevent you from many emergency repairs which are often expensive. So a preventive maintenance is a must have.