Column Jacketing & Micro Concrete Jacketing



Column jacketing & Micro concrete jacketing &  is the ready to use, self flowable mixture generally made under strict quality control in automated factories. Beam Strengthening column using micro concrete jacking. Jacketing used for seismic retrofitting of structures.

Column Jacketing is one of the techniques used to improve or restore capacity of reinforced concrete column. Micro concrete Jacketing is a technique used to increase the strength of beam, column of existing structure.  The important objective of column jacketing is to increase the seismic capacity of the moment resisting framed structures. Column Jacketing is particularly used for the repair of deteriorated columns, piers, and piles and may easily be employed in underwater applications. The method is applicable for protecting concrete, steel, and timber sections against further deterioration and for strengthening. Repair of damages of reinforced concrete like column, beam, wall etc. To use repair mortar. Jacking of RCC column to increase load taking capacity.

Common solution of retrofitting of structural repairs is to increase strength of existing column & beams. Column Jacketing is the most popularly used method for strengthening of building columns, beams. This type of strengthening
improves the axial and shear strength of columns. Column Jacketing is that it improves the lateral load capacity of the building. Beam Jacketing  purposes as it gives continuity to the columns and increases the strength and stiffness of the structure. The steel jacketing technique with variable vertical angles size is used to upgrade the load carrying capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete column under eccentric loads. Jacketing has been considered as one of the important methods for strengthening and repairing of RC beams.



  • Attains high early and ultimate strength
  • It’s gaseous expansion qualities compensates for shrinkage and settlement in the plastic stage.
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Protection of steel
  • To increase in shear capacity of columns
  • To improve the column’s flexural strength.




Column Jacketing


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