Micro Concrete Jacketing

Jacketing of Structural Components

Jacketing Of Structural Components

As the name suggests jacketing is the process in which additional materials are added to structural components to increase their strength and durability. The type of jacketing include column jacketing, concrete jacketing, beam jacketing, FRP jacketing.

Jacketing of structural columns and beams is a widely known method and is the most popularly used for strengthening buildings. The process of jacketing is an ideal solution for seismic retrofitting structures.

Column Jacketing & Concrete jacketing.

The technique of column jacketing improves and restores the capacity of the reinforced concrete column. Column jacketing for RCC columns helps to increase the load-bearing capacity. Column jacketing improves the axial and shear strength of columns.

Concrete jacketing or micro concrete jacketing technique increases existing strength of structural components like a beam, column.

Concrete jacketing shields the concrete against deterioration and nourishes its strength capacity.

The technique of steel jacketing with variable vertical angles upgrade the load-carrying capacity of the rectangular reinforced concrete column under eccentric loads.

Advantages of the column jacketing include high early and ultimate strength, durability, appearance, protection of steel, increase the column’s shear capacity, preventing shrinkage in the plastic stage due to gaseous properties and increases its flexural strength.

Beam Jacketing

The jacketing of beams gives the ultimate strength and stiffness to the structure by providing continuity to the columns. The jacketing of beams is one of the beneficial methods for strengthening and repairing RC beams. Beam jacketing safeguards the structural beams against design errors, concrete production deficiency, earthquakes or environmental factors, or changes in the functionality of the structure etc.

Beam jacketing of RC beams adds a new layer of concrete to the existing cross-section reinforced with longitudinal and transverse reinforcement.

FRP Jacketing

Fibre-reinforced polymer or FRP Jacketing is popularly used for the process of strengthening. FRP jacketing is known to be very effective for confinement & shear strengthening. FRP jacketing are proven ductile for structure against seismic activities.

FRP Jacketing

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