Glass fiber wrapping method is used for Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures and structural strengthening old/weak RCC members. In recent years, the use of externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) has become increasingly popular for civil infrastructure applications. Glass fiber strengthening when used in multiple layers increases the ductility and strength up-to great extent for Rehabilitation of Structures. For fiber wrapping concrete columns glass fiber is more economical. Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures to improve resistance to seismic movements, Glass fiber reinforced polymer or GFRP Wrap is an excellent solution. Glass fiber strengthening has other advantages like it is light weight and is available in any length. Glass FRP wrapped concrete columns exhibit excellent chemical resistance and resistance to weathering. Like Carbon Wrapping this method also ensures increase in flexural & shear strength of structural members and causes minimum disturbance to the structural member.  Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures is a process of reconstruction and renewal of a facility or its structural elements. Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures & Retrofitting reduces the vulnerability of damage of an existing structure during a future earthquake.

Glass fiber wrapping of Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures service is an cost effective. Glass fiber wrapping method is resistance to seismic movements can be improved.The Glass fiber reinforced polymer has significantly enhanced the strength and ductility of concrete by forming perfect adhesive bond between concrete and the wrapping material. Carbon fiber has very high tensile strength and is also very lightweight. When bonded to the exterior of a concrete column, beam, or slab, it can add significant strength without adding weight that would increase the load on foundations and other structural members. Glass Fiber Wrapping can be used where concrete looses its capacity/design strength due to corrosion change in use and / or the design code demands increases in load carrying capacity. Carbon fiber is used in strengthening work due to a change in the structure’s use. Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures of a building means returning a building or a structure to a useful state by means of modification, repair or alteration. It is related to the strength aspect of structures.

* Cost effective
. Suitable where speedy repair and high strengths are required.

Rehabilitation and retrofitting of Structures



Glass frp concrete repair















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