Retrofitting of Structures is changes done to existing structures to increase the overall strength of the building

Structural retrofitting is necessary to prevent further damage to concrete constructions which are more vulnerable to earthquake and failures by seismic forces.

Retrofitting of concrete structures becomes necessary for old concrete structures that are more venerable to earthquakes

Retrofitting of RCC structures should start with investigation and diagnosis of cracks and then by applying suitable retrofitting measures

Structural retrofitting is primarily applied to achieve public safety, with various levels of structures, materials & methods determined by economic considerations

Retrofitting Techniques :

We provide various methods of Retrofitting of RCC structures like

Spray Polymer – Ready to use cement based sprayable polymer mortar for High Early strength recommended for use in Reinstating of columns, cement silos and chimneys, retaining walls, water front structures, dams, irrigation canals, tunnel linings etc.

Micro Concrete Jacketing – Micro concrete is the ready to use, self flowable mixture generally made under strict quality control in automated factories

Polymer Modified Mortar – To be applied where structures have deteriorated due to corrosion and where changes in use and/or design code do not demand increase in loading capacity.

Epoxy Mortar – A three-component, water-washable 100% solids epoxy mortar system for exceptional high-strength and chemical and impact resistance.